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Aaand we are back. Thanks to this great video of wrist exercises. I highly recommend checking it out if any one of you also have problems with this stupid curse. I tried it out for a couple of days, it helps! I blame long working hours and stupid deadlines; seriously, 14 revisions for one layout? OVER THIS SHIT.
amei wish you were here ;3; Oh, also thanks for the great band rec, We Are Scientists has been set on repeat-all all day. 8D

Some art.. stuff i managed to draw today, hooray!

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sam whiskers

Art influences

It's been aaaages since I last did this, so here it is again! Some of my favourite artists whom I feel have really influenced and inspired me throughout the years:

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edit: Geezuz I'm an idiot, and of course my flist durr! My amei, tongari,sairobi, kitmun, 5cmprince, ikage, rakugaking, metanomaly, halcyonjazz, and many many others: you guys are the best. All your art posts throughout the months(years?) have been nothing short of inspiring and I love you allll <33333333

And there we have it! How about you guys? I'd love to know about your favourites! :D
sam whiskers


On the subject of style copying from another artist: once or twice is flattering, any more after that it would be a courtesy to mention the original artist otherwise it starts becoming awkward for people who can see where the influence stemmed from.

sam whiskers

Good going.

You know that briefest moment of panic you get when you reach for something in its usual spot and realise that it isn't where it's supposed to be, then you suddenly recall where you left it and then you feel like an idiot?

I put my wallet in a different pocket today and gave myself a panic attack. =A=