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sticker designs for BATHS, and other places to find me

A couple months back I did some work for the electronic musician BATHS, aka Will Wiesenfeld. The best and most fun project I have worked on in 2010! Some of them were made into tour stickers, of which Will has kindly sent me a bunch.

He is touring around the US now, and these'll be available as merch at his shows. :)

I haven't been using LJ quite as much as I used to, mainly the fault of places like Tumblr. I even have a few:

wratshit - my main personal tumblr
BRAST OFF! - Sengoku Basara art blog, shared with amei. I am also working on an ongoing comic about Basara Bankers here.
The Bagatelle Card Club - our boys in the band. All art of them are dumped here now.

Till next time!! <3333
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