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Long overdue update, BASARA on the brain

I have absolutely no excuses for this overdue post about Comic Fiesta, our trip to Malaysia, and New Year's amongst other things. It is because of a bad case of Sengoku Basara fever, brought about by good friends tongari and kitmun during our trip to Malaysia just before Christmas. Anyway, more on that later.

Firstly, COMIC FIESTA 2010! It's been quite some time since the last time I attended an anime con with stuff to sell, this was by far the best one I've experienced, sharing a table with kitmun, tongari and amei was the highlight of the trip indeed. Not to mention our little adventure to pick up our artbooks just before the con with Ganesan the Super Taxi Driver. Getting lost, making it back to the hotel with 100% Mission Complete etc. kitmun, you are an angel and I cannot stress it enough, thank you again for helping us out with our first book printing and for your advice and PR and everything, if you do return to Australia I am at your service. m(___)m

tongari, I am still feeling so stoked at finally meeting you in person! Sob we totally need to do this all again, and the next time our CF booth name shall be Basara Mart. We'll also bring a bottle opener with us next time. :D~ Thank you for taking us out numerous times for eats, all your recs have been delightful and I am really missing the taste of all that good Malaysian food as I am typing this.

peanutcase I am also so stoked to have finally met you and the other members of Yue, thank you for all your help with printing the extra last minute stuff, and for hanging out with us! :D Let's chill again come CF2011 yahyahyah :DDDD

gunfair, Zeiva, futomimii, carneaglariel, Saph; it was good to meet you all in the flesh, let's repeat offend come next con!

I was very humbled at the response we got at Comic Fiesta for our book, my heartfelt thanks goes out to everyone we got to meet there who are reading this! pseudonymeter I'm so happy to have gotten to meet you! A fellow Serembanite even(I was born there). Thank you for coming out to see us :D
There was a lovely girl who brought all of us cupcakes early on the first day, you are a sweetheart and if you are reading this thank you thank you! Nie, thank you so much for the adorable Layton phone charms, I was so shocked the cat kinda got my tongue that day ;A; You are the best!


2011 shall be the year I divert my attention to doing more comics, it's something I've had a pretty bad track record of completing and I want to fix that. :x
amei and I have been brainstorming a shitload of ideas both original and fan-related that are suitable for adapting into comic form, there are some original Bagatelle Card Club shorts I'd like to do, a p-possible The Truth about Professor Layton story idea that mei has come up with and I now want to see, and a stupid Basara comic. I have a year to achieve this!

So! This year I want to keep things simple:
- Manage my time better after work and draw every night
- Work harder to improve my figure drawing
- Finish a comic that is longer than 4 pages*

*Possibly related to each other

Speaking of Basara...

Now, pull up a chair and let me tell you about a little thing I fell for called...

Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes.

Basically, the game is set in Warring States period Japan and the gameplay is like Dynasty Warriors style, one man vs an army of THOUSANDSSSshsdhf. I have been a fan of the DW games for years but never really felt an urge to draw fanart of it, BASARA however..

Well it is mostly tongari's fault for gracing my flist and tumblr with all her beautiful Basara arts. sobsobsob

Ok this is definitely my last post of 2011 where I talk so much! Please enjoy my fevered BASARAAGH scribbles ahead!

Over and out,

My fav characters are the two leads, Mitsunari and Ieyasu. They are as different as chalk and cheese but there are all these stupid things going in between them idek

Mitsun is so hardcore in the game, but then at the same time so tsuntsunderedere.



Some ideas and concepts for a modern day AU with these guys.

Mitsunari of Toyotomi Banking Corp

...with his Financial Advisor, Gyoubu. This is him in-game.

IEEEYAASUUUUUU of the rival bank

In keeping with my New Year's resolution, I have made a start on some sequential pictures.

The Banks of Basara to be continued!

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