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Who's playing at the Courthouse?

These dudes! I pulled my finger out and did a finished illo for the first time in ages. A two-weekend long project.

Courty's is probably my most favourite pub in Sydney, lots of memories there and I dig the old pub atmosphere it has.

Lineart before colour, characters drawn in SAI and the bg done in photoshop. Drawing the signage was actually pretty fun!

I kept checking the bw tonals during the colouring process, to make sure everything still reads ok. This lighting was tricky to balance out right, so this step was especially helpful.

the original thumb

Height charrtttt

some sketches of Sammy with hair on his chin, along with the orig drawing of the OJ painting. And some Joels.

Shaun Tan was at Kinokuniya yesterday to launch his new sketchbook, The Bird King.

I asked if he could draw me a rat in my book, and he obliged. He is a total sweetheart, and one of my heroes. :)

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