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All About Breakfast

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Something short and sweet, set after Sam gets back. Playing around with a standard square 6 panel setup after getting inspired by some fantastic Alex Toth comics. Excuse the muddy excuse for colours..

Sam likes his orange juice because it's good for him. Painted in Photoshop because Painter crashed 3 times on me last night, I don't know whyyyy!

Things are alright, I guess. Listening to Roy Orbison on repeat and trying not to think about the fact that it's Monday already.

Eeeeyyy preorders for the Adamo BL Anthology Vol.1 just opened not long ago! The first BCC story is in it, art by amei and script by ladysisyphus, and a pinup by me. Also includes other stories and art by other great artists, check it out :D

(pps: thanks hweeiiii! I still haven't figured out how to reply over at the other place ;A;)
Tags: the bagatelle card club
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