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This next fight's for you, kid.

I know I know.. back at those old chameleon tricks again.. sloppier this time around though. MIGNOLA I SORRY ;^;

Those familiar with this band and their hilarious PVs will prob be able to recognise the assortment of things in here, the carousel horse is in reference to JD Salinger who is Keith Murray's* fav author apparently? amei is also working on WAS fanart. Now the next thing is for us to work up the guts to shove these in their faces when they are here for their Sydney show in two weeks time huhuhuhuu

*the boxer. Chris Cain is the Pomeranian Cowboy. Although really, they are none of these things and they are not scientists, they are rock musicians who call themselves We Are Scientists.

In other breaking news the street adjacent to my workplace is apparently, this:

Even the council logo kind of looks like a top hat?? I thought it was GOLD. Apologies for the shitty quality of my camera phone pictures. ;3;

Tags: photos, professah layton, scientistbrahs, stupid fangirling
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