the wrat (wredwrat) wrote,
the wrat

that maddening puzzle music

Wouldn't it be funny if the Professor heckled you if you take too long to solve a puzzle?

Also along the puzzle vein, I downloaded Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move for my Ipod! Many a happy childhood memory I had with this game and the original Bubble Bobble. Playable Flash version of Bubble Bobble

My favourite theme song of all time:

I'm also playing Chaos Rings*, recced by fluffyduck . It's so good, and easy to put down and pick up. :D I only wish my ipod had a longer battery life for it, it really sucks up the juice!

*which, incidentally, contain puzzles as well.
Tags: fuckyeahretrogames, professah layton, the bagatelle card club
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