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trades: Kavalier & Clay, PL

Finished a couple of trade pics,

Joe Kavalier, Sam Clay, and Tracy Bacon for motorbike, thank you for the wonderful logo designs! (A proper post with actual usage and more bando art I've been working on to follow tomorrow. WLU NAT!!!!!)

This is hands down one of the best books I've ever read. Such wonderful handling of the characters, I will need to track down other books by Michael Chabon to consume. My favourite character is Sam, shit man the poor dude totally needs a break.
It was hard visualizing these guys because it is impossible to capture everything about these characters in just one picture. And trying not to draw Josef as Adrien Brody(with varying success). Sam is by far the hardest. Still not quite there, I'd like to explore him further. Bacon is your classic Perfect Leyendecker Man™ so he was the easiest.

Joe and Sam first attempt fail, laffo.

Professor Layton for spunkywulf! Thank you so much for the trade, let us do business again sometime <33

I finally caved and bought an Ipod Touch yesterday. This thing is amazing! I have loaded it up with WAS vidsall sorts of junk, but mostly I am very intrigued by the range of apps one can download for it. Some useful, some completely stupid. Vuvuzela app? For reallll

I also bought the new We Are Scientists album Barbara from iTunes, they are mellower than before but I quite like it. And FUCK YEAH amei and I are gonna see em live this August when they play in Sydney, tix are GO!
Tags: amazing adventures of kavalier & clay, professah layton, the beginning of the end
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