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Art influences

It's been aaaages since I last did this, so here it is again! Some of my favourite artists whom I feel have really influenced and inspired me throughout the years:

In no particular order:

I love him for his range(bgs, characters, matte painting, comics) and his flair.

My favourite illustrator from the 1950s, Balet did a lot of advertising work that had lots of character and charm.

He paints the finest men I swear. Strike that, the finest EVERYTHING. His bold brushstrokes and knack for bringing everything he paints to life is something I really really admire! ;A;

Bernet has a very loose yet confident way of drawing all his comic work which I'm nuts about, he also does nice staging and is a fine storyteller.

Fgghhh can't get enough of his compositions and all the sexy blacks!

Terra's always been an old favourite, love his bizarre ideas and draftmanship.

His works are so beautiful and ethereal, I de-stress straight away whenever I look at them.

I'm crazy about his Kino no Tabi work in particular, he captures a certain timeless and nostalgic feeling that is just so perfect.

edit: Geezuz I'm an idiot, and of course my flist durr! My amei, tongari,sairobi, kitmun, 5cmprince, ikage, rakugaking, metanomaly, halcyonjazz, and many many others: you guys are the best. All your art posts throughout the months(years?) have been nothing short of inspiring and I love you allll <33333333

And there we have it! How about you guys? I'd love to know about your favourites! :D
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